Introdcut:Japan Trading Co., Ltd. is a competent Japanese exporting company with many years of experience. Making maximum use of our firm performance, trust and experience we have gained in the automotive industry since 1934, we will offer you the best products for the best prices. Let's grow your business and success together !! We will accommodate your every needs including reconditioned cars, secondhand parts, construction machineries, farm machineries, pre-owned bicycles/motorcycles with our strong networks.

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Stock Infomation

LAMBORGHIN MULSHIERAG COUPE 2004 6,500Km akj 21,500,000YEN
TOYOTA OPA HATCHBACK 2000 12,000Km Black 580,000YEN
LEXUS GS SEDAN 2008 40,000Km Black 5,700,000YEN
TOYOTA Camry SEDAN 2005 60,000Km Silver 1,200,000YEN
TOYOTA LAND CLUISER SUV 2006 24,000Km Black 1,960,000YEN
BMW 5-series SEDAN 2006 50,000Km Black 1,300,000YEN
TOYOTA RAV-4 SUV 2007 50,000Km Black 1,500,000YEN
TOYOTA HILUX SUV 2004 76,000Km Black 2,600,000YEN
TOYOTA IPSUM HATCHBACK 2004 43,000Km Pearl 720,000YEN
BENZ S-CLASS SEDAN 2003 49,500Km BLK 3,000,000YEN