Introdcut:Japan Trading Co., Ltd. is a competent Japanese exporting company with many years of experience. Making maximum use of our firm performance, trust and experience we have gained in the automotive industry since 1934, we will offer you the best products for the best prices. Let's grow your business and success together !! We will accommodate your every needs including reconditioned cars, secondhand parts, construction machineries, farm machineries, pre-owned bicycles/motorcycles with our strong networks.

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Looking forward to business partners and government-related orders.

We are seeking reliable business partners to work together for years to come.
Let us help you create successful overseas marketing strategies and expand your
sales channels.
We will extend every possible cooperation to both corporate and individual clients.

Looking forward to business partners and government-related orders. We expedite large governmental orders and regular orders.
We are also pleased to respond to one-car orders.
If you are interested, please contact us.
We can send all items quickly and safely.

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Any car in particular you are looking for?
What sort of cars are your customers seeking?
From one-car orders to larger orders, we will respond with low-priced, high-quality
products to your every requirement by using auctions across-the-country and
our partners' inventory information systems.
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Very easy!! How To Order

Very easy!! How To Order